Lychee Black

  • Notes of lychee fruit, grapes and honey.


    Guangdong, China.


    An indigenous fruit to Southern China, the sweetness of lychee pairs perfectly with black tea. It makes a deliciously sweet and light infusion that is also great as an iced tea/cold-brewed.

    Brew Guide:

    Per cup: 2 tsp  95°C  2 minutes

    Can be infused multiple times. 
    Can also be taken with milk and sugar if you so choose.

    55 brews per pack | Sfr. 0.10 per brew

  • Our Lychee Black Tea is made from specially selected Yunnan Black Tea leaves scented with lychee peels: Lychee is a red, heart-shaped, sweet tropical fruit that is popular in Asia and dates as far back as 2000 BC. This fruit was introduced to western culture in 1782 and its fresh form is an excellent source of vitamin C. The aroma of the Yunnan Black Tea is invigorating yet not overpowering to the fruity scent of the Lychee.

    The tea is harvested and finished in the spring, then carefully stored until the summer, when the lychees are ripe. It is then mixed with the unpeeled lychees and gently roasted to dry. The intense sweet flavor and floral fragrance from lychees are then absorbed by the tea, creating a mouth-watering type of tea with unique taste and aroma.

    When infused, the tea has a dark brownish-red hue, with a strong pleasantly sweet fruity aroma. As a result you are left with a pleasant tasting tea that is smooth, lightly sweet, with an appealing fruit flavor.

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