Our Organic Premium Matcha uses the highest quality, shade-grown gyokuro leaves sourced from Kyoto. The leaves have their veins and stems removed during their processing which decreases any bitterness. Following this they are grinded for over an hour to ensure the correct powder like consistency. The quality can be seen by the vivid green of this matcha and is classed as a "ceremonial grade".

We source our matcha from tea gardens that have been producing organic tea for over 40 years. This particular area is famous worldwide for high quality matcha. Matcha has a particular calming affect due to the production methods used - the tea leaves are covered for the last 20 days during growing. This causes the tea bushes to stimulate chlorophyll levels, increases amino acid production and in particular theanine. Theanine is well known for calming effects and prevents crashes that normal caffeineated beverages cause.