Organic Kukicha

  • Notes of hazelnuts, wood and freshly cut grass.


    Shizuoka, Japan.


    Our Organic Kukicha Karigane (twig tea) is highly prized, made by selecting only quality stems and twigs from the tea plants used for Gyokuro which are then very lightly roasted. A unique tea that is slightly sweet, Kukicha contains minimal caffeine making it a great evening or night time drink. 

    Brew Guide:

    Per cup: 2 tsp  80°C  1 minutes

    Can be infused multiple times.

    35 brews per pack | Sfr. 0.70 per brew

  • A warm, rounded and playful green tea from Japan, known as "twig tea". Our Organic Kukicha Karigane is a blend of high grade Gyokuro tea leaves and tea leaf stems picked in the early spring in Shiyuoka, which are then deep steamed. This results in a very light, refreshing Japanese green tea that tastes slightly sweet and vegetal. Very balanced, Kukicha hardly ever tastes bitter even when brewed more than once and its caffeine content is lower than most other green teas. The lightness of the stems translates into the cup as a sweet, white sesame seed or chestnut note.  


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