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  • Zero Waste with Tea

    Zero Waste with Tea

    Going Zero Waste with your Tea.

    Drinking Loose leaf tea is good for the environment. We look into the depth of recycling and going zero waste with your tea.

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  • Top 5 Tea Trends for Autumn 2021

    Top 5 Tea Trends for Autumn 2021
    In this blog we explore the different times for you to enjoy a cup of tea. May it be to be with friends and family or on your own to reflect. We deep dive into the tea trends expected for Autumn 2021.
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  • Meditation with Tea

    Meditation with Tea
    We all have moments in our life where it is important to slow down and reflect. One way to slow down and appreciate the moment is with Meditation. There are many forms of meditation, but Meditation with tea has become a very popular way to relax and get into full meditation. Over 900 years old this form of meditation originated from Japan.
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