Tea Benefits

Low in Calories | 100% Vegan | Healthy | Alternative to Coffee | Zero Waste
Sustainable and organic loose-leaf tea

Carefully selected

To ensure the ethical and sustainable production of our tea leaves.

Aromatic, healing, and meditative teas.

Premium quality

For you to enjoy the most aromatic, healing and meditative organic tea.

Experience a higher states with sustainable teas.

Higher consciousness

Reinforce states of wellbeing by sharing tea auras with loved ones.

What Our Customers Have To Say

"High quality tea, reasonable prices, and a patient and helpful staff. Surely superior choice for your tea needs."

- Will Carson

"I've just tried my first teas from Tèaura, and I am delighted. High quality, incredible taste, quick delivery, and there is a nice selection of organic teas; I enthusiastically recommend!"

- Emilie Gattlen

"Great products and beautifully packaged! I've been pretty impressed with the selection available and am excited to try a few more! thanks!"

- Jitesh Pandya

Founded By Jamie & Bauhinia, A Couple Who Love Life & Tea

Like most British folks, Jamie drank tea from an early age, mostly from low quality teabags. When he explored the health benefits of green tea and tasted his first cup of quality brewed tea, he was captivated by its layers of flavours and natural energy-boosting properties. He was also amazed by how one plant, the Camellia Sinensis (or tea plant) could produce an incredible variety of flavour profiles through varying processing methods.