Fujian Maojian

  • Notes of roasted macadamia, butter and freshly cut grass.


    Fujian province, China.


    Our Fujian Maojian is hand picked and uses only high quality leaves, which are gently hand rolled and roasted to give the tea its twisted shape and dark green colour. It is a perfect example of delicate Chinese green teas with a very light liquor and floral aroma .

    Brew Guide:

    Per cup: 2 tsp  80°C  3 minutes

    Can be infused multiple times.

    75 brews per pack | Sfr. 0.10 per brew

  •  Mao Jian refers to the plucking standard of this tea, one bud, that is both hairy (mao), straight, and pointy (jian). The shape of these leaves form the shape of a bird's beak. Many teas are produced in the Mao Jian style. Our Maojian is plucked in the earliest days of the harvest and handmade in this distinct shape, capturing the light & sweet vegetal notes of an early spring green-.

    Regarded as one of China's top ten teas it has been well-known since the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).  It is distinct amongst other green teas, with its leaves having a darker color and it is has a stronger, more robust flavour.  Widely drunk in China during hot weather or after work, it is great when you're thirsty and need a refreshing, relaxing tea to drink.

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