Matcha-Tee in zwei Teetassen neben einer Metall-Teekanne auf einem gelben Tablett - Matcha tea in two teacups next to a metal teapot on a yellow tray

Accessoires pour le thé

You can't have a comforting tea without the proper teaware! From infusers to teapots, Teaura's got you covered!

Teesieb in Affenform in einem transparenten Becher mit Tee darin und einem Keks daneben - Monkey shaped tea strainer in a transparent mug with tea inside and a cookie next to it

Filtres à thé

Our cool and sustainable infusers will make your loose-leaf tea unfurl with excitement!

Weißes Milchkännchen gießt Milch in einen Matcha-Latte in einem kleinen Glas - White milk pitcher pours milk into a Matcha latte in a small glass


Matcha is green tea turned into powder. Our organic and premium organic matchas will delight your taste buds and give...

Große weiße Teekanne mit loser Blatt Tee darin neben einer weißen Teetasse - Large white teapot with loose-leaf tea in it next to a white teacup

Page d'accueil

These special premium teas will brighten your day or give you comfort in the evenings. Whatever your taste, you will...

Royalty Teas

Royalty Teas

Seule la royauté avait l’habitude de boire ces thés. Allumez votre bouilloire et profitez d’une boisson chaude et aromatisée qui...

Koffeinfreier Tee in einer kleinen blauen Teetasse auf Holzunterlage - Caffeine Free Tea in a small blue teacup on wooden surface

Sans caféine

Rooibos and Honeybush are two of the most popular caffeine free infusions! On our teashop, you will only find premium...

Große weiße Teekanne mit Henkel und eine weiße Teetasse - Large white teapot with handle and a white teacup


What is tea without a beautiful teapot to brew it in? Our collection of teapots will surely inspire you to...

Loser Blatt Jasminetee Jasmintee in einer weißen Teetasse auf einem Holztisch - Loose-leaf Jasmine Tea in a white teacup on a wooden table

Thé au jasmin

Premium jasmine tea is obtained by leaving tea leaves and jasmine flowers to dance together in a beautiful aroma exchange...

Weißer Tee in einem transparenten Teekännchen auf dunkelblauer Fläche - White Tea in a transparent tea pitcher on a dark blue surface

Thé blanc

White Tea is caffeine free and the closest to the raw state of the tea plant. It is smooth and...

Zwei transparente Teetassen mit Tee darin - Two transparent teacups with tea inside

Thé noir

Black tea is the preferred coffee alternative. Yet there are so many more varieties than Earl Grey and Darjeeling. Discover...

Große braune Teekanne mit loser Blatt schwarzem Tee darin auf einem Holztisch - Large brown teapot with loose-leaf black tea in it sitting on a wooden desk

Thé oolong

A semi-oxidized tea with a variety of flavors and profiles. Milk Oolong and Iron Goddess of Mercy are some of...

Loser Blatt Pu-Erh-Tee in einer weißen Tasse neben flüssigem braunem Pu-Erh-Tee in einer weißen Teetasse - Loose-leaf pu-erh tea in a white cup next to liquid brown Pu-erh tea in a white teacup

Thé Pu-erh

Pu-Erh tea is a great digestive, due to being aged through fermentation. It is special and royal, like fine wine...

Rooibos-Tee in einer braunen Teetasse auf einem braunen Teller - Rooibos Tea in a brown teacup on a brown plate

Thé rooibos

Rooibos comes from a legendary bush in Africa. Its sweet aroma and comforting embrace made it very popular. Since we...

Schwarze Schale mit Grüntee-Matcha-Pulver - Black bowl with green tea matcha powder

Thé vert

We source only the top quality green teas from Japan and China. Our selection includes varieties from Sencha to Imperial...