2009 Menghai First Grade Spring

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Notes of camphor, dried mushrooms and a light earthiness.


Menghai County, Yunnan province, China.


Unlike all other teas, Pu-Erh is aged going through a natural fermentation process before the tea is dried. Our 2009 Menghai Spring was aged in a warehouse in specific conditions to give it its smooth, rich flavour with aromas of malt and fresh earth. When brewed the tea shows an underlying sweetness, clarity of flavour and a complex finish.

Brew Guide:

Per cup: 1 tsp  100°C  3 minutes

Can be infused up to 12 times with shorter steeps.
Our preferred method for Pu-Erh is gong fu style, using more leaf and shorter steep times of 20 seconds.

75 brews per pack | Sfr. 0.15 per brew